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Why are my employees freelancing?

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It is a valid question, why would anyone leave the security and benefits of a steady job, to risk fluctuating payment and an unknown future?

Internet has given us a shortcut to everything around us, we could communicate with people across the world, and work with people miles and miles away without being in the same room.

CAREERY Content Marketing TeamWhy are my employees freelancing?
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How to keep your employees? (IT ISN’T WHAT YOU THINK!)

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In my previous article about employer branding, I promised that I will talk about a great part of branding, which is employee retention, how an organization keeps its employees.

Whenever I hear the word retention, I think of fishermen standing at the edge of their boat, and throwing a net to catch fish; water surely won’t remain, even if the net becomes wet, secondly small fish may momentarily get caught between the threads, but will eventually fall out, then there are the big fish who will have a hard time wiggling out, and finally huge fish pulling the net and the boat towards the direction they please.

CAREERY Content Marketing TeamHow to keep your employees? (IT ISN’T WHAT YOU THINK!)
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How to Answer: What is your biggest weakness?

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The dreaded question, after all you didn’t get all dressed up to talk about your bad qualities. You don’t want to say anything that will eliminate you from the job, at the same time you don’t want to look like you are bragging.

Remember the interviewer is looking for the right person, not a perfect one, they are aware you have weaknesses, but want to know it won’t affect your work.

Here are the most important tips to answer this question;

CAREERY Content Marketing TeamHow to Answer: What is your biggest weakness?
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To 9-to-5, or to not

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I’ve hated the concept of 9-to-5 since childhood, maybe, because of the way I’ve seen it portrayed in the media; the world of blazers and normalcy.

I can’t do well with normal

To me, it defied the adventures I dreamed of, the spontaneity and the sparks of creativity that jumped around in my head.

Clark Kent is just a regular journalist, until he rips open his shirt, then suddenly he is Superman; this incredible SUPERHERO who saves the world; Clark Kent clocks in and out of work, Superman isn’t controlled by time, he is there when someone needs him.

CAREERY Content Marketing TeamTo 9-to-5, or to not
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So, you want to work at a startup?

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There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals. –Idowu Koyenikan


I had started my Careery interview as a candidate for a job that I am experienced in, it was going great; I know the tricks and traps, and I have enough information to keep me from looking like a fool.

Then suddenly, the conversation took a turn; we were talking about all different types of fields, ones that I didn’t really have experience in.

CAREERY Content Marketing TeamSo, you want to work at a startup?
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كيف تجد فرصة وظيفية في دبى – الجزء الثاني

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محمد: ما هو التحدي الأكبر الذي يواجه المواهب المصرية في دبي؟ عرفنا كيف يستطيع الشباب المصري الاستعداد قبل الالتحاق بسوق العمل الإماراتي.

إيهاب: الأمر مرة أخرى يعود للتنوع. في رأيي أن التحدي الكبير يقع في الانتقال إلى مجتمع مختلف جداً وبيئات عمل مختلفة جداً جداً. في بيبسيكو حيث أعمل ، على سبيل المثال ، يوجد أكثر من 40 جنسية مختلفة. في فريق العمل الخاص بي يوجد تقريباً 10 جنسيات مختلفة من هنود ولبنانيين ومصريين وغيرهم كلُ له ثقافته وطريقته الخاصة في التفكير وإنجاز العمل. التحدي هو مدى سرعة الموظف المصري في تقبل اختلاف الثقافات والتأقلم معها بل والتعلم منها أيضاً. يجب على المرء إذا ما أراد العمل في بيئة عمل في دبي أن يتعلم المرونة في التفكير والتعامل وتقبل الآخر والتفاعل معه بل ويجب عليه أيضاً استيعاب المزايا الخاصة التي يجلبها التنوع لبيئة العمل ويقدرها. ذلك يعتبر صعب نوعاً.

CAREERY Content Marketing Teamكيف تجد فرصة وظيفية في دبى – الجزء الثاني
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كيف تجد فرصة وظيفية في دبى – الجزء الأول

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كيف تجد فرصة وظيفية في دبى

هل تريد ان تعرف ما هي اهم تحديات ان تجد وظيفه في دبي ؟
هل تريد ان تعرف ما هو المطلوب منك لتجد وظيفه في دبي ؟
هل فكرت يوما في تطوير نفسك لتقتنص فرصه وظيفية في دبي ؟

في هذه المقالة ايهاب حافظ سيشاركنا بعض الأفكار القيمه والخطوات العملية حول هذا الموضوع


CAREERY Content Marketing Teamكيف تجد فرصة وظيفية في دبى – الجزء الأول
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How to Seek a Job in Dubai – Part 1

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Do you know how to find a job in Dubai ?

Want to know the job challenges in Dubai market ?
Are you thinking of approaching new job opportunity in Dubai ?
Want to learn what does it take to find a good opportunity in Dubai ?
in this article, Ehab Hafez will share many valuable insights with us .

CAREERY Content Marketing TeamHow to Seek a Job in Dubai – Part 1
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