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How to Answer: What is your biggest weakness?

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The dreaded question, after all you didn’t get all dressed up to talk about your bad qualities. You don’t want to say anything that will eliminate you from the job, at the same time you don’t want to look like you are bragging.

Remember the interviewer is looking for the right person, not a perfect one, they are aware you have weaknesses, but want to know it won’t affect your work.

Here are the most important tips to answer this question;

  • Choose your weakness: Look at the list of requirements for the job, and try to avoid weaknesses that affect it. For example, if you were to apply as a programmer, you could mention your shyness, as the job doesn’t require you to communicate, unlike a job in sales for example.
  • Share your success story: Did you take a class? Get help? Practiced discipline to improve yourself? Are you trying to work on yourself? Talk about the steps you have taken to improve your weakness
  • Be positive: Don’t focus too much on why this is a problem, instead mention the weakness, an example on it and the steps you took or are taking to improve.
  • Be prepared: Before you go to the interview, prepare yourself for this question, if you aren’t sure how to, think of problems you may have faced in a previous job, a trait your boss asked you to work on, an academic subject you were incompetent in… etc
  • Don’t Talk about a strength as a weakness: Your kindness, organizational skills, perfectionism and giving nature won’t appear as a weakness, no matter how much you act like it ruins your life, the interviewer won’t believe you and will be inclined to think you aren’t honest.
  • Be Confident while answering
  • Don’t Be vague: Stop using words such as maybe, I guess, I could, perhaps… etc. Be direct, honest and forthright about your weaknesses and the steps you have taken to improve, that shows confidence and self-awareness
  • Show how you’re working with your greatest weaknesses in other words discuss the measures that you’ve taken to improve them
  • Don’t minimize yourself by dwelling on your weaknesses
  • Don’t Deny that you have Weakness and Let’s face the reality that we all have our weaknesses and choosing to deny it, either shows that you are unaware of yourself or have something major to hide. Never refuse answering the question.

Interviewers keep asking that question knowing your answer won’t be completely honest, but it’s about what is between the lines. Just customize your answer for the job and you are good to go.

CAREERY Content Marketing TeamHow to Answer: What is your biggest weakness?