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Careery opens new horizons with new 5 services

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Market Challenges

Have you thought that it takes a long time to find your best fit candidate?

Have you felt that your potential candidates pool doesn’t know your company?

Have you ever hired the best technical candidate, but suffered later from the negative attitude or being misfit for your company culture?

Have you experienced rejecting tens of interviews or noticed that your company has more than 30% no-show-up rate?

Do you feel that you are in employee disengagement risk & your company turnover rate is high?

Then, Careery is your loyal go-to-partner

Careery is here to save your business with our smart, effective and budget friendly services!

We worked with most scales of businesses and dealt with most problems and challenges you could imagine, that built our cross-industry experienced diversified team along the past years and made us strive to craft and customize solutions to the problems that emerge in the market.

Careery’s up to the Challenge

We reached with our profession to a fast pace that in 10 days, we find you 3 best fit candidates, so you can interview two of them and choose one to hire!

And because we have a big vision we have to think globally, strategize regionally & practice locally

LinkedIn, Gallup & Hay Group the Big Tycoons 

We partnered with LinkedIn, and have been officially a member in the LinkedIn’s recruitment professional club to get LinkedIn Recruiters Certification. We partnered – also with STAY STRONG, a rock star in selection and development field, Certified Gallup, Hay group and has been helping companies and talents for years.

We believe we can help ME & GCC markets with our 10-year experience with these 5 NEW services.

Talents Deserve More …

Our mission is to provide solutions and services to companies from every industry, size, and stage. Though we are quite more excited for SME’s as we believe they will shape the future and help save the Middle Eastern economy, we have our hearts set on helping every business grow, develop, and stand out.

Here’s the new services

1- Head Hunting

2- Interview Outsourcing

3- Modern Recruiter Program

4- Recruitment Consulting

5- Employer Branding


 Welcome to Careery and always remember… talents deserve more.

CAREERY Content Marketing TeamCareery opens new horizons with new 5 services