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Your New Personal Brand Mindset

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Your New Personal Brand Mindset

So you didn’t like your job and your workplace environment was so negative and stressful that
quitting seemed the only option to keep your sanity. You left your job and spent plenty of time
looking for another but yet, nothing seems to show up in the horizon. Or you hate both your job
and your workplace environment but you don’t consider quitting because your chances of getting
hired on the terms that offer you financial and career satisfaction are almost zero because only
high-stress-level and blood-sucking companies are there.

Many of us have fallen into the trap of thinking that employment is a one direction process
where an employer offers you a job, hires you, and pays you every month. We tend to think that
without that employer, we’re lost. And we often forget the other and most important part of the
process which is us. Our expertise, skills, talents and our consistent ability to learn everyday
matter to the employer more than the money they give us. The truth is, if we leave, they’re lost.
For that, the term personal branding was invented to allow people to promote their knowledge
and show off their skills, to chase opportunities and find jobs that best suit their strengths and
guarantee satisfaction and achievement for them. It was invented to let people stand up tall and
say “I can do this and I do it very well so come work with me.” But in order to promote your
personal brand, you first have to adopt the mindset. You have to think of yourself as a brand and
you have to believe that your skills are worthy of remark. So here are some tips that can help
you do that:

Think of yourself as a brand.

Ask yourself how do you want people to perceive you? When they hear your name, what would you want them to think about? How do you want them to talk about you when you’re not there? Would you like to be an expert at some area of your industry? Would you like to be known as reliable, hardworking, and committed? Once you figure this out, you’ll have a clue about the qualities and skills you need to add to yourself — to your brand.

Figure out what is different about you.

Just like a brand, ask yourself: what is it about me that would make people want to work with me? Is it the quality work I produce? Is it my communication skills that make people trust me? Is it my productivity that makes me meet deadlines? Take your time exploring yourself and highlight the qualities and characteristics that make you stand out.

Define your added value.

Think about the value you promise to deliver through your work. What are you selling? Are you helping someone get a job by writing them a compelling resume? Are you helping people find happiness by solving their problems? Are you influencing beauty by drawing graffiti on walls in your neighborhood? Identifying your value is the heart of your branding strategy and allows you to know who to target.

Identify your strengths.

Think about your natural true talent that makes you distinctive.
What are your strengths? What can you naturally rely on to get work done fast and easily?
Your strengths are your natural gifts that help you reach your top potential so try taking
the Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment.

The idea is to be aware of your own skills and capabilities and to identify your uniqueness.
Building and polishing your personal brand is a long ongoing process that require cumulative
effort, persistence, and learning to build up your reputation. And in order to sustain all that and
make sure you will keep going, you need to believe that you’re worthy of branding.

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CAREERY Content Marketing TeamYour New Personal Brand Mindset

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