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CAREERY and STAY STRONG Announce Partnership

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We at Careery have a big vision and a bold strategic destination!

As we strongly believe in the power of WE over the power of ME, we know for sure that, with the right alignment, we can reach our goals faster. And with strength-based partnerships, we will be able to access a broader range of experience and provide top notch services.

So we are happy to announce our partnership with STAY STRONG.

CAREERY Content Marketing TeamCAREERY and STAY STRONG Announce Partnership
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كاريري تفتح آفاقًا أرحب بخمس خدمات جديدة

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تحديات كبيره في مجال التوظيف في منطقة الخليج

أتستغرق الكثير من الوقت لتجد الموظف الملائم لوظيفة شاغرة لديك؟

هل تظن أن لا مجال من إيجاد الشخص المناسب لأن جميع الكفاءات لا تعرف عن شركتك ما يكفي؟

هل حدث أن عيّنت موظفًا رائعًا من الجانب التقني، لكنه ليس مناسبًا بما يكفي لثقافة شركتك أو لبيئة العمل؟

هل عانيت من قبل رفض المئات من السير الذاتية والعشرات من المقابلات الشخصية، أو لاحظت أن أكثر من ثلث المتقدمين لا يحضرون للمقابلة الشخصية من الأساس؟

هل واجهت خطر عدم ولاء الموظفين أو تشعر أن موظفيك ليسوا سعداء في عملهم بما يكفي أو أن معدل دوران العمالة لديك عاليًا؟

CAREERY Content Marketing Teamكاريري تفتح آفاقًا أرحب بخمس خدمات جديدة
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Careery opens new horizons with new 5 services

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Market Challenges

Have you thought that it takes a long time to find your best fit candidate?

Have you felt that your potential candidates pool doesn’t know your company?

Have you ever hired the best technical candidate, but suffered later from the negative attitude or being misfit for your company culture?

Have you experienced rejecting tens of interviews or noticed that your company has more than 30% no-show-up rate?

Do you feel that you are in employee disengagement risk & your company turnover rate is high?

CAREERY Content Marketing TeamCareery opens new horizons with new 5 services
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Discover The story behind careerys new logo and slogan

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New Strategy, new direction, new visual identity

As we are revamping our direction with a whole new line of services offered directly to talents, we thought that with the new strategy and direction, we should change our skin and have new branding logo, slogan and philosophy.

CAREERY Content Marketing TeamDiscover The story behind careerys new logo and slogan
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