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Discover The story behind careerys new logo and slogan

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New Strategy, new direction, new visual identity

As we are revamping our direction with a whole new line of services offered directly to talents, we thought that with the new strategy and direction, we should change our skin and have new branding logo, slogan and philosophy.

Sample of our “Executive  Search & Recruitment” Clients :


Our old logo was expressing the recruitment services we offer to our clients, with obvious message that we focus on head hunting and executive search to find the best candidates for our corporate clients

The Old Logo: 


After the new direction and adding the talent services as one of the main directions of Careery, we picked the horse to be the main symbol for the logo,with all the simplicity in the design, after deep thinking & discussions, the horse was our last choice for the logo, as it is an iconic symbol for strength and efficiency,

The Icon Philosophy :


we believe that by empowering talents & arming them with our cutting-edge services & modern tools   , they will be able to compete & increase their outreach in the international markets, just like the authentic Arabian horses, which are famous of being the fastest, strongest and most efficient. In our vision best talents are not just the strongest but also the ones that can win the career race speedily and be the best in the market.

The New Logo:


What is the meaning of our Slogan?

“Talents deserve more! “

No wonder that Arabian horses are the most expensive, as well as we think that Arabian and GCC talents are of net worth that competes in the international market, so they deserve more financial compensation, more  development , more career advancements, more appreciation and more opportunities to excel.


From this point we believe that we can have a very effective role in the market through empowering talents with our services, so they don’t only have international value but also compete strongly in global map and win the race. We are eager to help Arabian talents to flourish through best practices and cutting edge technologies, as we keep an eye on the latest trends in the market and the recruitment industry, and have strong ties with local and Multinational companies.

Pushing the talent race forward :


We work hard to empower GCC’s  talents, as well as to add value to the business field, so we can contribute to push the talent race forward ,  challenge the standards ,make the professional world a bit better because of us.

Sample of our new lovable B2C Clients :


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CAREERY Content Marketing TeamDiscover The story behind careerys new logo and slogan

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