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So, you want to work at a startup?

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There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals. –Idowu Koyenikan


I had started my Careery interview as a candidate for a job that I am experienced in, it was going great; I know the tricks and traps, and I have enough information to keep me from looking like a fool.

Then suddenly, the conversation took a turn; we were talking about all different types of fields, ones that I didn’t really have experience in.

But the energy was there, I was excited, inexperience stopped being an issue, and even though the effort might be extra, so were the learning opportunities.

There are many things that differentiate startup culture from big corporates’


1- Freedom

The culture of startups is the culture of freedom. – Mohamed El Wazeery, Careery CEO

Startup employees hardly ever feel like employees, they are human beings on a mission to make the world (or at least area) around them better.

That is why creativity and freedom is encouraged at a startup, but don’t worry, this doesn’t mean they will slack off if someone isn’t watching them everyday, I will tell you why in the next point.


2- See your impact

Employees at a big corporate are like cogs in a machine, important, but their work might go unnoticed; unlike startups, where every step you take has a direct big impact.

On the bright side, you will see your effect directly, and so will everyone else; bask in the glory of your success.

On the downside, lose and… yep, same thing, everyone knows.

This leads to great motivation and some stress.


3- A little bit of everything

A perfect startups is that where CEO plays the role of office boy too. – Sharmistha Debnath, works at Nicefit Career Consulting







But if you are not ready to dip your toes into a little bit of this and that, breakout of the normal requirements of your job, and learn new lessons along the way, then maybe you shouldn’t work at a startup.

Startup culture means trying everything, even if you are hired for certain skills, they need you to wear many hats.


4- Fun! Fun! Fun!

You get to work with the entrepreneurs who took the leap of faith and decided to open their own business, you will deal with the craziest, freshest and riskiest ideas.

Those people have gambled everything for their dream, and they need to see their babies (business) grow into something marvelous.

One day, you are sharing a pizza while brainstorming, another day, you are talking to experts at a fancy restaurant over a fillet mignon, then suddenly, you are trying to find a room to work in.

The explosion of creativity you will meet, as well as the constant changes required in a startup business, don’t leave a chance for boredom.


5- Unstable

Unfortunately, the point above also means instability, startups could be here today and gone tomorrow, you are never sure of the fate of the company.

So, if you are a risk-it-all kind of person, this might work for you. But if stability is a major requirement, then startups aren’t the right choice for you.


6- Hours

Hours are unpredictable at startups, you never know what will happen.

Since everyone works towards the same goal, and they ditched the concept of 9-to-5 mostly; you can find yourself working on the weekends, or 27 hours a day, you will even work at odd hours sometimes.

Finding a balance might be tricky with a startup, but its doable; as long as you don’t mind having breakfast at 4 in the morning.


7- Working on the go

No planning. No pausing.

I have dealt with this personally, and so have most of who have worked at startups. They spend half their time working on issues, the other half learning what the issue is and how to work on it.

There is a certain amount of speed to startup tasks, and though it keeps you stimulated and energized, other times, it feels like you are thrown into the sea, when you can only dog-paddle.


8- Fast Growth

The hierarchy that exists in big corporates doesn’t belong in startups, teams are much smaller in startups and that gives a chance for people to prove themselves, as well as move to higher positions faster than usual.

You can become an executive in half the time, it would take at a big corporate.

CAREERY Content Marketing TeamSo, you want to work at a startup?