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8 Things That Badly Affect Your Personal Brand

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8 Things That Badly Affect Your Personal Brand

A great deal of your personal brand is influenced by your contribution on social media. Since everything we do is public and just “out there”, it might seem so hard to keep up with the excessive activity and pay attention to every single like and share on social media because it might harm our personal brand. Here’s a list of things to avoid in order to maintain a good brand.

Drawing a picture of someone you’re not.

Avoid using fake information about yourself, bragging about something you don’t have or talking about something you know almost nothing about.

Having no focused area of expertise.

Avoid sharing the too many things you can do so you don’t confuse your audience. Place one or two things that you can do best, share them on all platforms and show yourself as an expert in them.

Connecting with whoever is there on the web.

Be very picky about who you connect with over social media and remember that it’s not about how big the number of people on friends list is.

Sharing improper posts or pictures.

Avoid sharing improper photos as they might give bad impressions about you.

Using an old profile picture.

Using old or unclear profile picture prevents people from recognizing you and breaks consistency between your other online platforms.

Writing negative comments.

Negative comments or offending others can also provide bad impressions about who you are.

Not responding to your audience.

A part of your personal branding is to help others. This places you as an expert and promotes the image you’re creating in their minds so not responding to your audience can have a negative effect on they way they perceive you.

Not posting regularly.

This cancels a part of your online activity and might make you lose connections over time because simply you’re not there. People usually connect with other active people who post up to date content.

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