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The BIG Question that changes Careery future!

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A big question changes Careery future

All along our journey in careery, we are concerned by asking important questions. One of the most important questions that every business keeps in mind: What makes us stand in the crowd? If we offer the same services as others, what makes us unique?! What is our impact & added value? So we aimed to offer the best services worldwide, pursue a blue-ocean strategy, a cutting edge value that makes us compete internationally.

As we answer the question “What do we do different from other?”, in a eureka moment, we changed our strategy from focusing only on servicing corporates through Head Hunting, Executive Search and Recruitment Consulting , to going towards the talent, which means that we added a new B2C line to our clientele.

The “Why” behind our new approach

There were reasons that make us really passionate about helping talents & empowering them form new modern perspective, here are the 3 main reasons for that:

  • High Level Recruitment Insights:

As we have been working for 6 years with large local & Multinational companies, we are able to articulate the best practices and how they hire and choose talents. We have seen along our years of practical experience how are best CVs  crafted, how best LinkedIn profiles are created, how the best performances in the  interviews sound like and which best practices lead to candidate acceptance. Our clients are leading in their fields,  always very picky when they add new members to their teams; that gave us a deep insight into how these large corporations work and which talents they really need and how they should be presented for acceptance.

  • We love it & we already do it:

Talent services wasn’t totally new for us when we added them to the services we offer, we already have been consulting and advising top talents passionately through their recruitment process, and how to increase their chances landing their dream jobs, so we were already familiar with the process beforehand.

  • World Wide Researches said so:

We made our homework really good while we were launching our new business line. Before our first kick, we did as enough as possible research and development to know the real market needs and how we can satisfy them. As a result, we had 5 modern services in mind to launch back to back, so that by the time of 2025 we will be covering all the GCC, already offering 5 distinct services that are new to the market and the direction of empowering talents and business.

Did we cancel B2B services & recruitment activities?

NO, exactly the contrary, recruitment is the final fruit for this entire journey, but we are very selective in our criteria & we are working mainly on strategic recruitment & head hunting assignments

Careery’s VISION

Now read it, you can easily touch it,

To be the online hub of Total Talent Services in Egypt and GCC by 2025.



Careery  Content Marketing Team.

CAREERY Content Marketing TeamThe BIG Question that changes Careery future!

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