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9 Reasons for being an Entrepreneur!

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When I was 20 years and immediately after graduation and studying business, I was – always – asking myself why big corporates like Vodafone, KFC, PepsiCo succeeded while others died?!

When I was 25 years, I was preparing for my exit plan from work and drawing the first draft of my own business “CAREERY”.

At 26, I launched & co-founded “CAREERY for Talent Services”, here I will share my own experience, personal feelings, insights, and what does motivate me every day to wake up early and go to work!

1-Power of Dream

You have 2 options in this life, either to have your own dream or to be apart from others’ dream, entrepreneurship lets me always be connected with my DREAM, fulfilled, passionate, excited, and every small step I’m setting brick in my own building, Every day sleep & dream a big dream &  smell the perfume of the next big opportunity ,with my own business really sky is  the limit.

2- Gratitude

Feeling the gift of life, enjoying the value of freedom and independence that god granted to us and reaching its max, in your own business you have no “Check In” & “Check Out”, you have not to wait the official holidays & vacations, and you have no specific working office. You just have an objective and will do it whatever it takes to achieve with all satisfaction and passion.

3- Influence & Making Difference

I think when you are leading your start-up, touching the society problems, innovating real solutions, and creating unique “Value Proposition”, you will find the shortcut and the direct way for making a real difference in people’s Lives (Clients, Partners, and Team), when people see the problem you will see the solutions & opportunity behind, you can contribute every day to make our world better.

4- Passion & Inner Peace vs. Stress

As long as you are running Passion –Based Business ,hitting your true DNA ,applying  Jim Collins great concept “The Hedgehog” you can expect that outstanding results from your self !

As Simon Sinek said:
“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion” You can’t imagine your happiness with every single achievement, especially after leads generation, sending a proposal, issuing your check, and finally, collecting your money! Ooh … You hear a loud shout of “YES I CAN!”

5- Unique Lifestyle

To be yourself and to maintain your authentic lifestyle in today’s aggressive and crazy life, to be able to restructure and redesign your life, and to be able to make your own work-life balance; simply to live a purposeful meaningful life you have to think different & take the adventure of your new start-up.

6- Social Contribution

Since you are able to maintain your lifestyle, keep your first things first, therefore, most probably you are able to invest quality time for volunteering commitments and social contribution as much as you can.

7- Resiliency & School of MISTAKES

You’ll fail a lot of times, you will suffer, you will sweat, you will cry may be, but you will learn, you will grow, will make a record in doing mistakes eventually you have to stand up to protect your dream, as per Jack Ma’s famous word (Any mistake is a wonderful revenue for you )

8-Drive Your Economic Engine & Income

Why are you fighting and negotiating for the 20% salary annual increase? While you can earn multiples of this salary by doing some smart work and taking some intelligent risks! Remember the investment golden rule that:

“High Risk = High Return! & Low Risk = Low Return”

9-Sustainable Impact & Legacy

This is the ultimate driver for the most of the savvy & wise entrepreneurs whom I hope to be one of them and hope that the world misses me and my value after death.

 “To be fair enough the road is not full of roses at all, Start-UP decision is very tough, but everything has its price & you have to make your choice!”

In this article, I am sharing my feelings & personal motives, hope to motivate young entrepreneurs & create positive culture for  new generation  with Entrepreneurial  mindset.  I don’t mean that everyone should submit his resignation and start his own business, but I think – at least – everyone should work on his entrepreneurial spirit, start-up himself and manage his career, revise his unique “Value Proposition”, and make a “Real Different Approach” in this short life.

Mohammed Elwaziry9 Reasons for being an Entrepreneur!

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