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2016 Outstanding Universal Competency for Talent Professionals

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What is the 2016 outstanding competency for Modern Recruiters?!

Dear colleagues, friends & all “Talent Acquisition” professionals across the globe,

In Today’s Tough, uncertain & aggressive market …Talent demand is in incredible increasing… Supply is not sufficient …Talent is opened to the universe opportunities via his / her mobile at bed!

Totally new Game with new Rules …The QUESTION is how will you play this game?

Old-fashioned recruiter will die in this global challenge, recruiter who is isolated in his office, exhausted in operational hassle, templates, process, traditional recruitment strategies & tools!

In my point of view the only one who will survive & stand out of the crowd is the modern recruiter  who has the seed of “The Entrepreneurial Spirit “  who has the initial mindset & skill set of the entrepreneur or even the genuine readiness

I think top of those skill-set are:

Creation & Innovation – Intelligent Risks -Strategy – Believing In Numbers – Openness To Reality Specially Socioeconomically Factors – Business Orientation – Talent Focusing – Quality Networking – Technology Updating & others ….)

BOTTOM LINE: entrepreneurial spirit is not just for entrepreneurs but its inherent in you, let’s awaken the entrepreneur within us & play the new global game.

The secret in ADAPTABILITY …

“In times of change & uncertainty adaptability creates stability “Marc Andersen.

I recommend making this competency first priority in your 2016 development plan & if you are interested you can start shifting your old paradigm by reading the FREE executive summary of this amazing book :

The Startup of you :

Written by “Reid Hoffman” Co-founder and Chairman of LinkedIn


CAREERY Content Marketing Team2016 Outstanding Universal Competency for Talent Professionals

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