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Talent Branding is for juniors!!- The BIG Myth

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I am not a junior to brand me!

Once a day I was assigned from one of my clients to headhunt an executive for a senior Managerial position, it was so critical & hard at the same time

After a deep search we did reach a very potential talent, working at one of the Prestigious Multinationals recommended by name for this position

But very strange that we didn’t find him at any recruitment site or in our data bank or even linked in!

After 10 minutes talking with him over the phone I felt that he will be the right candidate specially that
he had a very professional way in verbal communication & proposing his unique added value

1 minute after closing with him I did contact the HR Business partner immediately to present his strengths & expected added value, he was admired & passionate to meet him

He asked me to send  his CV & I did , but I used to make an attractive brief about any potential candidate I recommend  first (very important practice recruitment agencies & Head hunters must do )

First interview, second interview, third interview & he was totally accepted & hired after around 1 month..Great

Why I am telling you this story?!!

After one week of his joining date I did receive a very strange call from the HR Business Partner

Telling me

“Mohamed believe it or not?!! The CV of the hired candidate was the first CV I already received month ago before calling you!!!”

I said

“how come? & why you didn’t invite him for interview directly from the first time?”

He said

“I did read his CV, it was bad , old fashioned , not professional  so I neglected him !!!

Oops!!  I wondered how important & critical the TALENT BRANDING is.  (Strategy-CV-LinkedIn Profile-etc…)

With the old CV this professional executive lost a good opportunity with around half million annual gross salary, in one of the reputable Fortune 500 with a very attractive benefits!!

Now the problem is not in VALUE CREATION , The real problem was in VALUE COMMUNICATION!

Unfortunately every day talented & professional executives loose countless number of opportunities

Because of they are not caring about their identity & online presence

To believe in this fact you can ask Recruiters, Head hunters, HR Business partners at your country

It’s not only about creating the value, but communicating the value is important (Talent Branding)

Nowadays, we are in very Tough market…Sever competition. ..Everything around us is branded (Countries-Corporates-compounds-Food-Clothes-cars-Mobiles -everything …what about you dear talent& you are the most valuable ASSET in this world …think of it

Are you following the crowd? Standing out from the crowd? Or you are out of the crowd?

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CAREERY Content Marketing TeamTalent Branding is for juniors!!- The BIG Myth