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Why your social profile might be destroying your career

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Now social media has invaded everything, including recruitment. That’s why LinkedIn (the professional network) has been the biggest network for recruitment and that made other hiring websites like Wuzzuf in Egypt, Bayt and Monster Gulf in the GCC be few of many leading websites in career advancement & recruitment. There are more than 6.5 Million job listings on LinkedIn in 2016.  [1]

The hidden reason of rejection

Along my work experience, in the latest years, many CVs were just perfect; fitting the selection criteria, great work history, outstanding achievements and well-presented qualifications, but it happens that they miss the job opportunity they are applying for!

If you are familiar with this, or you have had the same experience like those unfortunate candidates, you have to check your social media one more time. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to check your social media feed, you need to check your social media PROFILE!

Culture-fit before technical-fit

We –recruiters-, pay a lot of attention to many aspects while selecting and screening CVs, we check every detail to make sure technical-fit candidates are culture-fit as well.

New era of social media made both friendly & business social media channels like facebook and LinkedIn platforms for social recruiting, that’s why you need to look closer to what they mean and how they affect your online presence, thus your online reputation.

Even if you didn’t include your social media links in your CV, 73% of recruiters will check them anyway. [2]

Studies show that 93% of hiring managers will review candidates’ social media profiles before making the final decision for hiring. [3] Actually 60% of employers use social screening before they proceed into deeper details. [4]


Major mistakes

Here are the major mistakes that you need to keep an eye on to maintain a recruitment-friendly social media presence.

  • Improper or provocative content or photos
  • Offensive comments.
  • Extreme political or religious tendency or direction.
  • Complaining about your job in public.
  • Sharing confidential information.
  • Friendship or connection with a questionable person or group.

Recommended Solutions

  • Make sure that your social media posts are not offending or attacking anyone or any entity.
  • Represent your opinions in a moderate presentable way.
  • Bear in mind that your social media posts represent you to people who don’t know you well.

However, you might think that checking your social media accounts might be unprofessional when it comes to recruitment, but as a matter of fact it helps recruiters and it’s working. My advice to you is not to deal with it, but to make the best out of it.

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