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How to Promote Your LinkedIn Profile

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How to Promote Your LinkedIn Profile For a better personal brand

In our very previous post, we provided you with basic information to How to Build Your LinkedIn Profile from scratch. Up to this point, your profile is looking good and neat but yet this is not enough. 92% of recruiters use LinkedIn as a part of the hiring process and 87% of them use it to find candidates. 64% of employers already check applicants’ LinkedIn profiles before hiring so if you really want to stand a good chance of being chosen for a job, you have to learn how to make the best out of LinkedIn.

Ways to Leverage LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, there’s so much to do other than updating your experience every couple of years or adding a new course. If you want to promote your personal brand and place yourself as an authority among your peers, you have to get more involved and engaged with the platform. Today, we will provide you with some good suggestions to best use LinkedIn.


Grow your network

The first thing you need to do after building the basic sections of your profile is to connect with people from your industry. When connecting with strangers or people you’ve only met once, consider adding a personal note to the request and explain why you want to connect with them.


Follow LinkedIn influencers

Following and reading influencers posts can increase your perception and provide you with more professional information. It will also add genuine content to your feed, which you can share later on your timeline.


Give endorsement

Go through your network and identify those who you think deserve endorsements from you. They’re more likely to return the favor and endorse you back!


Ask for recommendations

Recommendations help your connections make good impressions about your work. Start with you direct manager, team leader, and team members and ask them to describe how it’s like to work with you.


Share status

This is one great way to share what you think about certain topics. Increase engagement by asking relevant questions in your status and reply to your audience’s comments.


Create valuable content

Start writing posts and articles about topics from your industry that you find interesting and important. Share your expertise and think about the value every piece of content will add to people. Use catching headlines and avoid writing too long posts.


Add visuals

One thing that will make your profile more attractive is using visuals. Add media types like pictures, presentations, and documents to your summary and experience. Combine your articles with relevant pictures and pay attention to the copyrighted photos. There are plenty of websites that offer non-copyrighted images which you can use.


Promoting your LinkedIn profile can be done in many other ways but the bottom line is, no matter what you do, it has to be genuine, authentic, and adds value. When you’re communicating with people and getting involved in conversations, remember that everything you do will influence your professional reputation that you’re trying to build so be careful.

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