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Apply These Tips to Polish Your Personal Brand

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Apply These Tips to Polish Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is the act of marketing your talents, skills and experiences to communicate the value of your work. It’s a promise of what people will receive if they choose you to work with. And since we now live in an open digital world where everything we do is monitored, our online presence and contribution on social media play a big role in building our personal brands. So here are some that tips you can use to promote your social media for Personal branding:

Remain consistent

In order to be recognized on different platforms, you need to maintain the same message you’re giving. Use up-to-date professional head-shots and remove any edgy photos. You also need to develop a voice that’s true about you and your brand and stick to it on all platforms. That can be a style of writing posts or the way you communicate with others. Make sure it’s authentic and consistent.

Engage regularly with your connections

Engage regularly with your connections . Ask and answer questions, contribute in meaningful discussions, and share your expertise with other people.

Be mindful about what you share

Everything you post on social media influences your personal brand so you have to be careful about what you share. It has to be useful and to add value to others. Avoid going into heated public debates or sharing improper edgy pictures.

Post regularly

Create valuable content and post it on social media. Control how frequently and what types of content you post according to your audience presence. Keep it consistent and authentic and make sure it teaches them something.

Give consistently

Offer your help to others and always ask if there’s anything you can do for them. Share resources with them and help them do better at college or work. Make them feel that you care about them.

Connect with influencers

Communicate with influencers by sharing their posts, sending them meaningful messages and asking them for recommendations. 80% of your personal brand is built upon your social media presence and contribution. Maintaining a good online presence isn’t as scary as it might sound. On the contrary, social media is a great way for branding your skills and talents because it boosts referral marketing. Now you can simply post a question on Facebook or LinkedIn and ask about anything. In less than a minute, you’ll find a long lists of answers, recommendations, and feedbacks and that’s the exact same way others will find and learn about you. So start now, audit your social media platforms and start polishing your personal brand.

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