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6 Things to Build Your Personal Brand Upon

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6 Things to Build Your Personal Brand Upon

Building and polishing your personal brand doesn’t happen overnight. It requires dedicated effort,
singular devotion and a consistent ability for learning to keep influencing it every single day. That
being said, here are six things that your brand has to be characterized by.

It has to be authentic

That means you have to be yourself. Everything you’re doing to boost your personal brand has to
show something true about you. Don’t try to draw a picture of someone you aren’t.

It has to be consistent

The message you’re giving should always be the same on all platforms. Your tone of voice and
your style of writing, your approach and your principles have to be the same everywhere. Use
professional head-shots and if you can, keep the same profile picture across all websites.

It has to tell your story

Storytelling is very effective in marketing because it creates an emotional connection between
you and your audience. Tell people about who you are and what you stand for. Share with them
what you did to be where you are now.

It has be visible

In order to promote your personal brand, you have to be visible by either speaking or writing. Try
contributing in events, doing presentations, or teaching a class. Share advice, tips and tricks,
write articles and post them on LinkedIn.

It has to offer value

Your brand has to be associated with the value you promise to deliver. It has to tell people what
to expect if they decide to work with you. This value has to be true and the expectation must be
met to create trust and help boost a positive image of you in people’s minds.

It has to be authoritative

Learning and gaining expertise are two basic practices that you must do while you’re building
your personal brand. By sharing your experience with others, you’re positioning yourself as an
expert that they reach out to for help. Make sure you post meaningful content that teaches your
audience something new or helps them overcome a problem. Answer their questions and politely
advise them to build up your authority.
Building a personal brand doesn’t happen overnight but it can also be enjoyable because
everything you do about it places a great impact on your career. It widens your network,
magnifies your influence and helps you have a better reputation in your industry.

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