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What is Personal Brand?

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What is Personal Brand?

While some people sometimes define a brand as the idea or logo that represents a certain
product offered by some company and branding as the marketing practice that allows that
product to be recognized by more people, there seem to be much more beyond the common
definitions of these two terms. When you’re branding a product, you’re communicating the value
of your product.

You’re telling people what to expect from it, what sets you apart from your
competitors, and why they should buy from only you. When you’re branding, you’re building your
company’s reputation, assets and standards. And when you meet the expectation you’ve created
in your prospects’ minds, they start to trust you.

By time, your brand turns from just a logo into the experiences, impressions, and knowledge they have about your product and organization. Your brand becomes the way customers perceive you. And just like products, everyone of us is a brand. Well, a personal brand. A person is a combination of talents, natural abilities, skills, and behaviors that distinguishes them from others. A person can stand alone unique, just like a corporation. In order to be in business today, in order to get more recognition, come across more opportunities, these skills and abilities need to be branded.

And just like a product, when you’re branding yourself, you’re communicating the value you provide through your work. You’re telling people what they’re going to get if they choose you and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Personal branding is also about building your reputation and soon your brand becomes what people think about when they hear your name. Do you want them to perceive you as some kind of an expert? Excellent. To understand how this works, you need to know what influences your personal brand and that’s simply everything you do! Yeah! EVERYTHING YOU DO! Now we live in an age of transparency and connection where information are at our fingertips. Everything we do is monitored and public and most of our presence is basically online. Social media allows us to communicate, share, distribute, and produce on a high level that we haven’t experienced before. So your contribution on social media can positively or negatively affect your personal brand because it’s a big part of your presence. So fairly said, 80% of your personal brand is who you are on social media. That’s why everyone already has a personal brand because almost everyone has an online presence. Besides that, your personal brand is also affected by the way you speak to others, how you communicate with them, what type of work you do, and who you associate with.

There are many ways by which you can polish your personal brand. Tips and tricks are all over the
web on how to utilize social media features and turn the wired world to your favor. But before
you start applying any of these practices, you need to adopt the mindset of a personal brand.
Understand that you’re unique. Your very special set of talents is worthy of attention and eligible
for recognition so go tell the world about yourself. Seize every chance to learn, improve, and
build up their skills because you’re really a brand worthy of remark.

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