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Modern recruitment Vs. Classical recruitment

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Modern recruitment Vs. Classical recruitment

Finding new talent in the market is incredibly difficult. Although HR managers have tried different methods of recruitment such as classical recruitment and modern recruitment in order to find the best possible candidates for their organizations.

Employees are an integral part of the organization and recruiting new employees who will improve the organization and take it forward is easier said than done. In that context, one may argue which method of recruitment is the best and which drives the finest results. Although there are many methods to be considered, only those convenient to the modern times seem to work effectively.

So mainly, there are two methods of recruitment:

Classical recruitment methods:

These are the traditional recruitment methods that have been commonly used to close the gap between supply and demand of workforce, such as job advertisements, internal bulletins, rehiring former employees, personal recommendations and referrals inside moonlighting, executive recruiters (headhunters), walk-ins, and special recruiting events.

Modern recruitment methods:

The 21st century has seen a significant rise in technology and modern day recruitment methods are growing in influence and making a difference in landing candidates for organizations. One thing that seems to have the greatest impact is social media.

It’s the best way to reach job seekers:

Simply, more job seekers are now on social media every day. Is it because it’s already become a part of their life that they do everything on it?

This is one instance where accepting the status quo is actually forward thinking. According to a white paper by iCIMS, putting a job posting up on social media can increase candidate applications by 30% to 50%.

  1. It’s part of a cultural shift:

Recruiting success isn’t just measured by jobs filled, but also by who fills them. And what drives top employees now is more than just a paycheck.

It’s interesting that a recruiting hub would lead the way here; LinkedIn has grown exponentially (78 million to over 400 million members in five years).

  1. Transparency goes both ways:

The fact that 48% of job applicants in a recent survey are active on social media is more than a “don’t get left out” for recruiting.

Research says that 61% of hiring managers found something they didn’t like on a candidate’s social media account, and 55% of them reconsidered the hiring based on what they found.

  1. It’s not the “good-old-boy” network anymore:

Recruiters surveyed in 2014 anticipated an ever-tightening and more competitive drive for candidates in 2015. The top way to stay ahead of the game was social media: 73% of recruiters planned to invest more in social recruiting versus 63% in referrals.

The same survey found that up to 93% of companies and recruiters were using social media compared to 82% four years earlier.

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