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How DEATH can make you a better Entrepreneur ?!

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How DEATH can make you a better Entrepreneur?

A week ago, I got a shocking call from my wife, she told me that her cousin died. Her death wasn’t the shock, but that her father had terminal cancer and we were all expecting his death any minute; though his 23-year old daughter died before him!

No one of us knows his death date.

I was shocked by the idea of planning to death. Every one of us knows his birth date, but no one of us knows his death date. Death has no logical arrangement for any of us, it can surprise us without giving any signals. I realized it’s not rational to plan only for life, while we don’t plan for our death which is originally unpredictable! We plan for everything in our life, but we don’t take death into consideration.

I remember when I was taking the 7 habits course for Steven Covey 10 years ago, while we were discussing the idea of starting with the end in mind, I now realize how death is real end we should consider along with our life. It’s not our 80th birthday only the end we should aspire to and think of, but also the day we don’t know when it comes, when we leave this life, leaving an impact in the world behind us.

Life is a big adventure or nothing!

If you were thinking every morning what will you do if this is your last day in life, then someday this question won’t be any hypothetical. Sometimes we are pushed forward or drawn backward by fear of change, people or failure; when you think that really this could be your last day, all these fears will fade away. Life will be a big adventure or nothing!

Many have left our life, yet they are still alive, and many have been dying everyday, even if they are breathing. By realizing this forgettable real solid fact, you will discover your life better, deeper and more meaningful.

Life is very short, don’t waste it living another’s life. – Steve Jobs

Every morning I ask myself what I will give back to the world today? What I will contribute to life with today? I learned to focus on my passion , discover my talents and find motives to start, what’s the difference I will make in the life of people around me and how can I do it before I die? How can I do the best thing I meant to do?

Along with all these thoughts that help me excel in my career and purposeful life, I try not to forget to plan for quality time with my wife, daughter, family, and friends. I hope to succeed and balance because it’s only one opportunity !

You’re born original, don’t die a copy. – John Mason

If I’m allowed to advise you, I will tell you don’t miss a moment

  • Discover the purpose of your life.
  • Invest in yourself.
  • Restore your passions.
  • Respect your uniqueness.
  • Discover your talents.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, focus on contribution more than competition.
  • If you’re an employee, focus on working in a meaningful business.
  • Maintain work-life balance, and don’t be drawn to any workaholic trends.
  • Volunteer more, contribute more .
  • Leave an impact wherever you go.

For me this means to live a death- based life style

If you are not an added value to the world, you’ve been an extra cost. – Mostafa Sadek Al Rafe’y

This is article is not meant to be pessimistic, but it’s meant to motivate you stop, think & reinvent your life.

Think big , dream big, act big & the results will be big.


Imagine if 2017 is your last year in this life? What will you do to make the world better, how will you contribute? What will you make to change your life for the better?

Share your thoughts with me , I love to hear from you.



Mohammed ElwaziryHow DEATH can make you a better Entrepreneur ?!