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An Expert Reveals How Arab Talents Can Join LinkedIn Team


The Future of Arab Talents

Welcome Mohamed, we – CAREERY for Talent Services- are super excited to talk with you today.

We are here to engage talent speedily to great business opportunities in this short life!

We aim at reshaping the career & future of talents in the GCC through a lot of initiatives like this

Would love to thank you for this contribution & extreme support.

1-What are you doing here Mohamed and why are you doing it?

Thank you Waziry for this initiative  , I’m a Senior Business Development Manager (MENA) – Search and Staffing @ LinkedIn – Dublin, Ireland

I’m responsible for the business development initiatives and activities for the Staffing and Recruitment sectors across the Middle East and the North Africa (MENA) region

My role involves educating and advising Search and Staffing business leaders on the best practices for the Social Media and on LinkedIn, review their current set up, and how we can improve it. Helping their company source & contact quality candidates faster, Generate & accelerate new business, and build their brands to attract candidates & clients.

2-What is the biggest challenge that you faced while working there?

Challenges can defy differently based on different factors, some of the challenges are personal and some are professional. But the key challenge of all is your adaptability and flexibility to change.
Change is constant, whether it’s the change you face when you move to a whole new environment, the change you face working with diverse and different cultures, or the change of your habits. Your success is anchored to how flexible you are towards these changes, and how adaptive you are to the new challenges that come with every change.


3- In your opinion what are the 3 crucial success factors that Arab talents need to join global companies worldwide?

The 3 secret ingredients for success in the global companies are

  • Discipline and resilience
  • Accepting and respecting others,.
  • Focusing on the core.

4-How Arab talents can directly approach such regional & global opportunities?

It all starts with investing in your professional brand, and positioning yourself as an expert of matter -No faking or pretending- and engaging with the experts of the same field. Investing in relationships that matter, and helping others succeed. And applying only to the jobs that they know it fits their profiles and experience. And paying attention and respect to their applications and the people they send their applications to.

One of the biggest mistakes that candidates do is sending a bulk email to a huge number of email addresses of recruiters attaching their resume and wonder why they don’t receive responses. And I advise candidates to personalize their applications and craft every single email of application to reflect the reasons of why they should consider your application. If you didn’t pay enough respect or attention to your application, how do you expect them to?


5-Finally, if you are going to give a single piece of advice to them in 2017 what would it be?

Enjoy what you’re doing, and make the best out of your current role. Stop thinking about your next role or your career progression and master what you do, and your progression will be coming knocking on your door.

Thank you, Mohamed, for your time; we really appreciate your collaborative spirit & sincere advice.
Hope you best of luck, see you gain.


Mohammed ElwaziryAn Expert Reveals How Arab Talents Can Join LinkedIn Team