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The Dilemma of Long CVs !

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Change your mindset and think like a recruiter.

Many people, especially executives and professionals, have powerful CVs. Their CVs are usually well designed, professional looking and some pages long. Those people try to include all the details about their masterly expertise.

Some even go beyond the ordinary and mention everything about their professional life that the CVs turn out as long as nine pages!

Mohamed TammamThe Dilemma of Long CVs !
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Talent Branding is for juniors!!- The BIG Myth

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I am not a junior to brand me!

Once a day I was assigned from one of my clients to headhunt an executive for a senior Managerial position, it was so critical & hard at the same time

After a deep search we did reach a very potential talent, working at one of the Prestigious Multinationals recommended by name for this position

CAREERY Content Marketing TeamTalent Branding is for juniors!!- The BIG Myth
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